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If you’re a local business owner competing with companies like Walmart and Amazon for top rankings, you may feel that investing time and money in optimizing your presence on Google makes little sense. This may be true for top organic listings, but  not  for local searches. 

 Whether you have a physical  location or serve a specific area, local SEO Services Seattle

 allows you to  connect more with people in your neighborhood, town, or city. This is important because 81% of consumers  turn to Google for local business reviews. 

 Local SEO Benefits  

  1. Increased online visibility: 

The best local SEO Seattle activities such as citations and link building will increase your online visibility. This makes it easier for new customers to find your business. 

  1. More walk-in customers in store: 

Better visibility in the field brings more walk-in customers to stationary locations. 

  1. Leverage the local shopping boom: After COVID hit, more than half of consumers preferred to shop locally and support local businesses and small brands. Best Local SEO Seattle  puts you in the race for these new business opportunities.  
  2. Targeted web traffic: Optimizing your website for local search can deliver more targeted traffic to your website, potentially leading to more leads, subscriptions, signups, and sales. 
  3.  More Phones: Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business) optimization can improve your visibility on Google Maps. This can result in more calls and  in-person visits.  
  4. Thought leadership: Content marketing helps you build thought leadership  and be seen as an expert in your field. 
  5. Increase trust levels: Reputation management builds trust in your business.
  6.  Increased sales: Consumers are known to rely on online reviews to help them make decisions when choosing  local businesses. 
  7. Increased conversion rates: Website optimization improves conversion rates and increases contact form submissions, phone calls, email subscriptions, or sales.  
  8. More Competitive: Seattle SEO also makes you more competitive because it encourages you to study what your competitors are doing well and the tactics that work against them and incorporate them into your own approach.  

Why Local SEO Services Seattle Matters? 

 Imagine  you’re a Japanese Restaurant in Richmond, Virginia. A corporate secretary actively  searching for “Japanese Restaurant, Richmond Virginia” is your potential customer. But the basic search results are flooded by big name companies , the top tens, blogs which makes it  harder to contend for your business’ visibility and make it harder for the secretary  to envision a path to find  your restaurant. Whereas if you use SEO in Seattle, you’ll appear first on search results. There, she can find some of your useful information such as opening and closing time, phone number and location, photo, and 5-star rating. The secretary can see you nearby, and that you provide excellent service, and thus can easily schedule a visit or call your company. You are now competing for sales!

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