Niche-City Marketing Package

Niche-City Marketing Packages

Almost all businesses have a website. If you don’t – think of all the people searching for your services that DON’T FIND YOU – they find your COMPETITION.

Who is looking for you TODAY?


So imagine what it would be like for someone searching for your business and seeing the search term results – and what if 3, 4, 5  – or more – of these results were digital assets that were links to YOUR business?


Videos, Press Releases, Websites, Digital Assets – all showing up for hundreds of different keyword variations. Just think of it: a search result that featured not just ONE, BUT MULTIPLE links to your business – ALL POINTING TO YOU AND YOUR BUSINESS.

And since it’s organic – it doesn’t cost anything to click on it. Just a warm lead that wants to work with YOU.


It can take months to years before some of the SEO actions begin to take affect on your website. Our products are separate from your website – No more SEO stuff that might get your website “sandboxed”. These assets are already ranking and showing up in the search engines. Once you begin leasing them, we switch all the data on them over to you and your business.

Now you beat your competition by having multiple options for potential customers to click on.


Are You Currently on Page One of Google?

If you are a plumber in Davenport Iowa, and someone wants to find you, what do they enter into the search engines to find you?

Often times search phrases can be more than just the basics. If you are not on page one for this term you might as well as not exist at all. In fact, there are about 15 different varieties of this search term, and it’s based on who needs the service. Which search phrase are YOU going rank for?

Is it “24 hour plumber Davenport Iowa”?

or “Low cost plumber near me”?

or how about “Best 24 hour Plumber Davenport”?

Our answer: All of them.

You see, our goal is to get your leased assets ranking for all the most common search phrases. and each one is specifically designed to do that. Instead of fishing with one hook, one bait, one rod, one boat – you’ll have hundreds of hooks in the water, all baited and ready to catch customers!

So if you are ready to increase your on-site presence, and expose your business to more people searching for your services – enter your name and email below and we’ll send you an information packet that will show you some REAL TIME examples that are currently running online.

Don’t Let Your Competition Get This First!

We have room for only ONE Niche per city for this process. It’s going to be you – or your competitor! We are limited – but also very loyal to all our clients.

Get in now! We look forward to helping you get found online. Just fill out the FREE CONSULTATION form on the right, or give us a call at 855-288-2411.

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