Google 3 Map

What is a “Google 3 Map”?


Type in the name of your city, and your niche (plumber, electrician, dentist, etc)

Example: dentist in Santa Monica

What you’ll see is a Google search result that has a square, with a map and 3 dentists in it:


Try this now with your business – or click here to see the result above in your browser (Google):

If you or your business is NOT in the 3 Pack – our marketing agency SPECIALIZES in this. We can take any profession and get them in the #1 position – so…

If you are interested to know more about this – give us a call today!


PRICE: Varies/Case-by-Case basis – this service is designed to find out “where” YOU are, and “where” the #1 Spot is, and what it will take to get you ABOVE them in the 3 Pack. Typically the base price is $199, and then monthly, if needed. Our free consultation will sort it all out, provide a quote, and then you can decide to move forward.

QUESTION: How much does ONE new client/patient bring into your business? If this jump to the top of the 3 Map brought in on average 2-3 new clients/patients per month– you would have a GIANT ROI. So think about it – don’t let your competition lock you out – we are only allowing ONE business per city to work with us.


Jerry Dreessen

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